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Proudly produced in a partnership between the Australian Food and Grocery Council and ASN Media,
Sustaining Australia TV is an online news-style program covering key issues, the latest thinking, plus examples of success from across the food and grocery industry.


The food and grocery industry provides everyday essentials for Australians and consumers all over the world. Sustaining Australia TV 2022 continues our coverage of the issues and discussion around the key topics of importance to the nation’s food and grocery manufacturing industry.


Filmed across Australia, we bring you engaging stories from across the industry. The four separate episodes cover circular economy, sustainability, digital technology and supply chain, and skills, growth and community.


Presented by experienced reporter and journalist Jessica Ridley (Channel 7, Sunrise Breakfast Show, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition), the program features interviews with experts and industry professionals, news reports and in-depth profiles from AFGC members and leading organisations.


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Circular Economy

Circular Economy

We showcase actions members are taking to build a Circular Economy, closing the loop to recycle and reuse valuable resources.

Episode 2: Sustainability


In this episode we focus on Sustainability as we cover the issues around key topics of importance to the nation’s food and grocery industry.

Episode 3: Digital Technology & Supply Chain

Digital Technology & Supply Chain

We look at the importance of Digital Technology and the Supply Chain.

Episode 4: Growth, Skills & Community

Growth, Skills & Community

We will look at how upskilling maintains employment, the job market and changing expectations and the benefits of giving back to communities.

The opinions and products shown in Sustaining Australia TV do not reflect endorsement by the AFGC or its members or ASN Media. For more information about Sustaining Australia TV, please contact ASN Media.