Episode 2: Sustainability

In this episode we focus on Sustainability as we cover the issues around key topics of importance to the nation’s food and grocery industry.

Episode Chapters – Sustainability

1. Welcome

In this episode, we look at issues surrounding Sustainability.

2. AFGC CEO Tanya Barden Interview

Sustainability, especially around plastic packaging and recycling, is high on the agenda for the AFGC.

We speak with CEO Tanya Barden about industry action on sustainability.

3. Fonterra Australia

Farming has an important role to play in helping to improve the sustainability of the food chain.

For dairy, one of Australia’s largest food and agriculture sectors, consumers want to know that safe and sustainable farming practices are used to deliver the nutritional benefits of the dairy they consume.

4. Industry Interviews - Part A

Getting on top of plastic packaging is one step forward to protecting our environment.

We asked AFGC Board Members how the food and grocery industry is responding to the challenge of climate change.

5. Sealed Air

While plastic waste remains a key global challenge, the food industry has evolved in how it tackles waste.

From food production to consumption, progress is being made to reduce waste across global food supply chains.

Sealed Air is using innovation and collaboration to help create a circular approach to reduce food and packaging waste, as Stephen Claney reports.

6. Industry Interviews - Part B

We hear the views of Peter West from CCEP and Graham Dugdale of Simplot, as they expand on the industry’s sustainability initiatives.

7. V2Food

Today’s consumer has an ever-expanding range of food options, including plant-based and alternative proteins alongside more traditional choices.

v2food is one of those at the forefront of plant-based protein development.

Adam Hancock has the story.

8. Goodbye/Credits

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