Sustaining Australia TV 2019

Welcome to Sustaining Australia TV! An innovative online news-style program covering key issues and the latest thinking and examples of success from across the food and grocery industry. Proudly brought to you by the Australian Food & Grocery Council, in partnership with ASN Media.

In Australia, food and grocery is a 131-billion-dollar industry, making it the country’s largest manufacturing sector, and a substantial contributor to economic and social welfare. From social responsibility through to growing both domestic and international markets, Sustaining Australia TV brings you the issues that matter in this vital business sector.

Presented by award-winning journalist Anjali Rao (CNN, Sky News, The Project), Sustaining Australia TV features interviews with experts and industry professionals, news reports, and in-depth profiles from AFGC members and leading organisations.

Sustaining Australia TV has four separate episodes for you to enjoy, covering: Sustainability, Traceability & Scalability, Manufacturing Innovation and Building Capacity.

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Focusing on the most critical trends that impact us all: how we deal with sustainability, societal and environmental challenges.

Traceability & Scalability

Taking a look at the backbone of the industry, from how to improve efficiency and accountability, through to the latest strategies to scale up

Manufacturing Innovation

In this episode we take a look at changing consumer demands driving manufacturers to become more agile and looking increasingly to digitalisation.

Building Capacity

In this episode we take a look at how changing consumer demands are driving manufacturers to become more agile and how organisations need to continue to re-invest in talent.

The opinions and products shown in Sustaining Australia TV do not reflect endorsement by the AFGC or its members or ASN Media. For more information about Sustaining Australia TV, please contact ASN Media.