Episode 3: Digital Technology & Supply Chain

In this episode we look at the importance of Digital Technology and the Supply Chain.

Episode Chapters – Digital Technology & Supply Chain

1. Welcome

In this episode we look at the latest work and thinking across Digital Technology and the Supply Chain.

2. AFGC CEO Tanya Barden Interview

The AFGC is a strong advocate for innovation and investment through our industry’s supply chain.

To start our episode, AFGC CEO Tanya Barden shares her thoughts on how the industry is placed, and what needs to be done.

3. Packserv

Innovative technology such as automation, has the potential to aid in the growth of the food manufacturing industry and to help deal with increased supply chain demands.

This technology though, hasn’t been traditionally accessible for SMEs across Australia.

That’s changing, as reporter Sarah Navin found when she looked at the work of packaging machinery and technical services provider Packserv.

4. Industry Interviews - Part A

We asked AFGC Members for their views on the role of Digital Technology and the modern reality of a food and grocery industry that is anything but low-tech.

5. Etihad Cargo

A combination of lockdowns, raw material shortages, and economic and political instability have seriously challenged global supply lines.

Those who transport goods and food products around the world have re-assessed their approach, their systems and their technology to meet the challenges.

We take a look at Etihad Cargo’s story.

6. Industry Interviews - Part B

We ask for more thoughts from AFGC Members as they discuss the industry’s digital technology future and how it might meet customer needs and Australia’s competitiveness.

7. Dematic

Supply chain challenges have become critical to industry as we face the effects of global change.

A well-managed supply chain that can deal with fluctuating demand levels is crucial to the success of a business.

SATV takes a look at the work of Dematic in this space.

8. Goodbye/Credits

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