Product Information Form – Version 6


Product Information Form Version 5 (PIF V5) is no longer supported by the AFGC. PIF V5 contains information which is incomplete, and in some cases incorrect. Companies should replace all Version 5 PIFs with PIF V6 to be confident that the information they are storing and sharing about their products reflects current regulatory requirements.

The Product Information Form (PIF) is an industry-agreed questionnaire originally developed by the food industry, for the food industry in Australia and New Zealand.

The PIF allows companies to include a variety of information about food products and ingredients in a single document that meets information needs for legal and regulatory compliance in Australia and New Zealand, in a standardised manner.

PIF is an industry tool that can improve company efficiency and reliability in managing product specification and other related data when applied across the sector.

Introducing PIF V6.0
PIF V6.0 features updated content and has been translated to business-to-business software solutions. PIF V6.0 streamlines the process of recording and reporting product information via secure online portals, making it easier and faster to use.

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PIF V6.0 is available from PIF Vendor companies who are authorised by the AFGC to deliver PIF V6.0 online.

Look out for this logo which is available exclusively to our approved PIF V6.0 vendors.



List of companies currently using PIF V6 (as of 01.06.2024)

The list was compiled from information provided by PIF Vendor companies. The Australian Food and Grocery Council cannot attest to its completeness, but every effort is being made to maintain its currency.

For further information on the list or other matters to do with the PIF please forward inquiries to

  • AAK (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • A S Harrison & Co Pty Ltd
  • Additive Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Albright & Wilson (Australia)
  • Almondco Australia Ltd
  • Anzchem Pty Ltd
  • Aryzta Australia Pty Ltd
  • Aus Pie Co Pty Ltd (Mrs Macs)
  • Aussie Growers Fruits Australasia Pty Ltd
  • Austchilli
  • Australian Bakels Pty Ltd
  • Australian Fruit Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Australian Organic Farmers
  • Australian Superfoods NQ
  • Australian Vinegar Pty Ltd
  • Avondale Foods
  • Bakers Delight Holdings Ltd
  • BASF Australia Ltd
  • Baxters Foods Australia Pty Ltd
  • Bickford’s (Inner Circle Distillery/Beenleigh Artisan Distillery)
  • Biota Ingredients Pty Ltd
  • Birch & Waite Foods Pty Ltd
  • Biscuit Company Fiji Pte Ltd / FMF Foods Limited
  • Borgcraft Holdings
  • Brenntag Australia Pty Ltd
  • Buderim Foods Pty Ltd
  • Bundaberg Sugar Limited
  • Bunge Loders Croklaan Oils Sdn Bhd
  • Cheetham Salt Limited
  • Chen Foods Pty Ltd
  • Chr. Hansen Pty Ltd
  • Clamms Seafood Pty Ltd
  • Connell Caldic
  • COYO Pty Ltd
  • Denis Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • DKSH Performance Materials Australia Pty Limited
  • Dominion Salt Limited
  • Doreau Australia
  • E3Live Australia
  • Earlee Products
  • Farmfresh Fine Foods
  • Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd
  • Flavour Makers
  • Fonterra
  • Freemen Nutra Group Australia Pty Ltd
  • FTA Food Solutions Ptd Ltd / HSK GROUP
  • Good Morning Cereals
  • GrainCorp Limited
  • Hakubaku Australia Pty Ltd
  • Hemp Harvests
  • Honestly Riverina Ltd
  • Hubfoods / Anglican Community Services
  • Hugo’s Chocolates Pty Ltd
  • IMCD Australia Pty Limited
  • Infruit Australia Pty Ltd
  • Ingredientbox Pty Ltd
  • The Ingredient Warehouse Pty Ltd
  • Integrity Food Co.
  • ISDC Australia Ltd
  • Ixom Operations
  • Kagome Foods Australia Pty Ltd
  • Kellogg Australia
  • Kokonut Pacific (Nuilife)
  • Lamyong Australia Pty Ltd
  • Langdon Ingredients
  • Leaft Foods Limited
  • Lesaffre Australia Pacific
  • Lion – BSW Pty Ltd
  • M & J Ingredients
  • Manildra Group (t/as Shoalhaven Starches Pty Ltd)
  • Mara Global Foods
  • Mars Food Australia
  • Mars Wrigley Australia
  • Master Martini Australia Pty Ltd (UNIGRA)
  • Mauri ANZ
  • McCormick Foods Australia Pty Ltd
  • Melbourne Quality Assurance (MQA)
  • Mexican Express / Merex
  • MOI International (Singapore) Pte Ltd / Mewah Group
  • Murray River Salt (Sunsalt)
  • Native Extracts
  • Natural Fractions Pty Ltd
  • Nexus Ingredient
  • Nocelle Foods
  • Omya Australia
  • Open Country Dairy
  • OSP STOCKFEED LTD / Oilseed Products NZ
  • Oterra Australia Pty Ltd
  • Pace Farm Pty Ltd
  • Patel Services Pty Ltd
  • PDP Fine Foods (Wicked Sister Desserts)
  • Peerless Foods
  • PGG Wrightson Ltd
  • Phyto-Therapy
  • Prepack Limited NZ
  • Private Label Foods
  • Puopolo Smallgoods (t/as Vitan Nominees)
  • Quality Partners
  • Real Foods Ltd
  • Rich Glen Olive Oil
  • Riverina Oils
  • RMIT College of Science, Engineering and Health
  • Safcol Australia Pty Ltd (t/as South Australian Gourmet Food Co)
  • Sandhurst Fine Foods
  • Saputo Dairy Australia
  • Scalzo Food Industries
  • Scarecrow Foods
  • Sherman Foods
  • Sherratt Ingredients
  • Simplot Australia Pty Ltd
  • Simpson Farms Pty Ltd
  • Soulfresh Group Pty Ltd
  • Spring Gully Foods
  • Stahmann Webster
  • Steric Trading
  • St Pierre’s Sushi
  • Tasmanian Flour Mills Pty Ltd
  • Tasti Products Ltd
  • Tenacious Australia
  • The Riverina Dairy
  • Tribute Craft Chocolate Co
  • University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
  • VAESS Australia Production
  • Vitasoy Australia Products Pty Ltd
  • Western Sydney Uni – School of Science & Health
  • Westland Dairy Company Limited
  • Yumi’s Quality Foods Pty Ltd

To add your details to the PIF email list, request a change, and for all other queries, please email us at