Member Services

AFGC’s core organisation is structured across six primary areas which broadly encompass issues and disciplines of our member companies.

These areas are highlighted below. Our structure allows for and encourages, expansion and member participation through committees and forums.

Economics & Trade

The Economics and Trade team collaborates with relevant stakeholders to gather insights and report on issues paramount to members including exports, innovation, investment and employment.

Corporate Affairs

We work in partnership with our members and key participants in the food and grocery supply industry to communicate with Government, regulators, consumers and the media. Our aim is to promote and maintain the reputation of the industry with key stakeholders and facilitate policy discussions that achieve positive outcomes for all parties.

Health, Nutrition & Scientific Affairs

The food, beverage and grocery industry in Australia provides safe products to consumers and helps Australians make informed diet and lifestyle choices, which lead to health and wellness. We work with members to promote this valuable role they play in health and nutrition, and in support of modern lifestyles.

Industry Affairs

We work in partnership with our members to continuously improve the framework for fair retailer supplier relationships, across supply chains, sales and commercial interfaces.

AFGC Forums

Our members contribute their insights and influence industry outcomes by participating in a range of AFGC working groups. There are committees that drive industry advocacy, forums that solve sector-specific issues, working groups that complete projects/tasks and advisory groups that assess industry trends and inform our position on emerging issues.

Sustainable Practices

AFGC takes the lead in identifying model sustainability practices and fostering wider industry adoption of these practices. We work with members to reduce the food and grocery manufacturing sector’s environmental footprint by fostering collaboration throughout the value chain and identifying best-practice.