Growth, Skills & Community

In this episode we look at how upskilling maintains employment, the job market and changing expectations and the benefits of giving back to communities.

Episode Chapters – Growth, Skills & Community

1. Welcome

In this episode we focus on Skills, Growth and Community as we cover the issues around key topics of importance to the food and grocery industry.

2. AFGC CEO Tanya Barden Interview

The AFGC believes the food and grocery sector could double in size to become a $250 billion powerhouse by 2030.

CEO Tanya Barden says that growth is dependent on investment, product development, and having the right skills.

We talk to Tanya about what work still needs to be done.

3. Mondelez

Mondelez International is one of the world’s largest snack companies and for Tasmanians, that translates to jobs and growth around Cadbury’s in Hobart — which is celebrating its 100th year.

The company’s longevity, has been built around embracing technology, and maintaining and upskilling its workforce.

Louise Houbaer has the story.

4. Industry Interviews - Part A

What are the skills the industry needs to maintain growth? We asked AFGC Members for their views.

5. Reckitt

A healthier, sustainable world is enhanced by organisations working hard to help communities thrive, in the face of climate change.

Companies like Reckitt, operate on the ethos of ‘giving back’ – supporting farmers through Rural Aid, regenerating species with World Wildlife Fund and providing CareFlight Australia with resources to reach people in need.

Sarah Navin speaks with Reckitt about their work.

6. Industry Interviews - Part B

We spoke to AFGC members about their thoughts around jobs and skills in the food and grocery sector.

7. Touchstone Executive

Working habits continue to evolve as many people re-assess their employment and lifestyles.

Touchstone Executive Search has partnered with the AFGC to help the industry meet growth and profitability challenges.

Stephen Claney has the story of driving and improving diversity in the industry and providing platforms for future leaders to shine.

8. Goodbye/Credits

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