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Strategic plan


Sustaining Australia

Since 1995, the Australian Food and Grocery Council has operated as the leading industry association for the food and grocery supply industry. We are driven by the purpose of sustaining Australia. A summary of our strategic plan that ensures we make a positive impact is outlined below.


Purpose Vision and Mission

  • Purpose: Sustaining Australia
  • Vision: a thriving and trusted Australian food and grocery supply industry, delivering jobs, economic growth and helping people to live well.
  • Mission: to be the voice of the Australian food and grocery industry and a valued service provider to members.

Organisational goal, direction and values

  • Goal: to be a progressive, influential and sustainable organisation with the capacity and capability to create member value and drive industry outcomes.
  • Direction: to grow membership by building relationships with organisations that are alinged to our purpose and deliver strong and enduring value to both parties.
  • Values: integrity, collaboration and innovation.

Focus areas

  • Enhance industry’s global competitiveness
  • Enhance access to multiple, competitive and fair markets
  • Encourage governments and stakeholders to recognise industry’s positive contributions
  • Fostering organisational excellence through culture, capability and membership engagement

Hero projects

  • Advocate for a strengthening of the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct
  • Build on the Sustaining Australia campaign
  • Play a partnership role in the preventative health regulatory agenda
  • Play a partnership role in the sustainability and waste agenda
  • Ensure the membership framework delivers on the value proposition for members