The AFGC undertakes a range of significant issues based projects on behalf of members. These projects help inform and shape the development of tools and resources for industry, and the policy directions of our member organisations.

State of the Industry

Soft Plastic Recycling

Sustaining Australia: Food and Grocery Manufacturing 2030

Sustaining Australia: Food and Grocery Manufacturing 2030 provides in-depth analysis of the Australian food and grocery manufacturing sector and outlines the investment and policy decisions needed to ensure it has a strong future in both domestic and international markets. This report, produced by the Australian Food and Grocery […]

COVID-19 Information for Industry

Important resources for members and the wider industry to aid your response as COVID-19 continues to evolve. Please share your experiences and challenges with the AFGC so that we can continue to support your efforts at this time.

Food Labelling & Allergen Guide

AFGC and the Allergen Bureau have now released the latest Food Industry Guide to Allergen Management and Labelling. It offers guidance in managing allergens and relevant to those involved in the supply, handling, production, import and sale of foods. Available now on the AFGC website.

Product Information Form - Version 6

The Product Information Form (PIF) allows companies to include a variety of information about food products and ingredients in a single document that meets information needs for legal and regulatory compliance in Australia and New Zealand, in a standardised manner.

Product recall

The AFGC works closely with government, other public sector interests and key stakeholders to strengthen safety systems and ensure that all products developed by the food, beverage and grocery manufacturing industry meet the highest standards of safety. This includes developing a range of publications to help industry, and consumers, prepare for and respond to potential risks in the food, beverage and grocery space.

Responsible advertising & marketing to children

The Australian food industry knows the community is concerned about the advertising of discretionary foods to children. It has implemented two codes of practice to demonstrate industry responsiveness to these consumer issues which specifically address food and beverage advertising to children.

State of the Industry

State of the Industry is an annual report commissioned by the AFGC to provide economic indicators for the food and grocery manufacturing sector to inform rational and fact-based analysis and policy.

Accessing the China Market

AFGC has teamed with Peloris Global Sourcing, with support from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, and published a guide that provides a wealth of information on key elements required to successfully export food, beverages and groceries to China.

Cold Chain Guidelines

Minimising food illness and waste is critically important to consumers, regulators, the food industry and the Australian economy. It has been estimated that contaminated food causes millions of cases of gastroenteritis annually in Australia. Australians are also throwing away food which is worth billions each year. One contributing […]

Food & Grocery Code of Conduct

The Food and Grocery Code of Conduct is a legally enforceable, voluntary prescribed code under the Competition and Consumer Act. It aims to deliver more contractual certainty in trading relations between suppliers and supermarkets, encourage the better sharing of risk and reduce inappropriate use of market power across the value chain.

Trading Partner Forum Resources

The AFGC’s Trading Partner Forum has developed a suite of open source, free of charge reports, best practice documents, guidelines and tools collaboratively developed ‘by-industry, for industry’.