Product Information Form - Version 6

The Product Information Form (PIF) allows companies to include a variety of information about food products and ingredients in a single document that meets information needs for legal and regulatory compliance in Australia and New Zealand, in a standardised manner.

Food & Grocery Code of Conduct

The Food and Grocery Code of Conduct is a legally enforceable, voluntary prescribed code under the Competition and Consumer Act. It aims to deliver more contractual certainty in trading relations between suppliers and supermarkets, encourage the better sharing of risk and reduce inappropriate use of market power across the value chain.

State of the Industry Report

State of the Industry is an annual report commissioned by the AFGC to provide economic indicators for the food and grocery manufacturing sector to inform rational and fact-based analysis and policy.

Events & Education

Product Information Form (PIF) V6.0 Training

Sydney and Melbourne

The AFGC will present advanced training on the new Product Information Form (PIF) Version 6.0 open to all PIF Users, and potential PIF Users. Whether a novice, or regular user of the PIF V6.0 this training will help you get more value out of the most versatile, most comprehensive and most efficient way of meting the information needs about your products of your business partners.


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