Health, Nutrition & Scientific Affairs


The food, beverage and grocery industry in Australia provides safe products to consumers and helps Australians make informed diet and lifestyle choices, which lead to health and wellness.

The AFGC works with members to promote this valuable role they play in health and nutrition, and in support of modern lifestyles. This is achieved through a range of partnerships with relevant stakeholders, programs and engagement in public debate. Our advocacy is based on sound evidence-based principles and focusses on the benefits our members’ products offer consumers when used thoughtfully and as intended.

The AFGC provides a broad range of services for members in this space, including:

  • Providing regulatory guidance and assistance to members in specific cases, as well as active intervention were possible or necessary.
  • Making submissions with input from members, and participating in consultation processes with domestic and international organisations and government/regulatory bodies.
  • Administering industry self-regulatory initiatives and best practice guidelines for labelling and promotion of consumer products.
  • Developing guides and toolkits for members and the wider industry to manage food science and technical issues, including the Product Information Form V6 (PIF V6) and Allergen Guide.


Key policies and industry resources the AFGC has worked on in partnership with members are outlined below, some of which are shared to help the wider industry.

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Halal certification

Industry action on sugar, salt and fat


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