Full Member

Become a full industry member

If your core business is making or supplying food and grocery products, then a full industry membership will deliver the services that meet your needs.


–   Finished goods and brand owners
–   Distributors/contract manufacturers


Industry members are organisations directly engaged in the manufacturing or processing of food, beverages or groceries in Australia (or elsewhere). This can include holding companies, but excludes primary producers, service providers or retailers.

Receive value

To receive on-going support to grow their business, assistance with continuous improvement or ways to influence collective action on industry issues, you are invited to become a full industry member. This will give you access to:

  • Industry insights to ensure you are aware of issues that are impacting your industry
  • Networking with food and grocery suppliers to benchmark your organisation
  • Opportunities to showcase your brand in publications and media channels.

Your annual contribution delivers:

  • Support from experts to deal with technical, legislative or industry changes
  • Complimentary or discounted rates to attend events, seminars and training
  • Representation and promotion of the Australian food and grocery supply industry.

To get even more value from your membership:

  1. Be part of a working group taking action an issue relevant to your organisation
  2. Attend an event to expand your network and gain other viewpoints on issues
  3. Share knowledge from member briefs, newsletters and training with your team.