Associate member

Become an associate member

If your core business is providing services to the food and grocery industry, then an associate membership will deliver the services that meet your needs.

–    Consultants
–    Service providers
–    Event sponsors (optional)

Affiliate members are organisations, associations and industry bodies. For example, consultancy, education, logistics, marketing or packaging providers and more. Some associate members also sponsor events, but membership is optional. Being a member will give you extra benefits by being able to participate in working groups or forums.

Receive value

To demonstrate your support for the industry and solutions you offer, you are invited to become an associate member. This will give you access to:

  • Networking opportunities with food and grocery suppliers of all sizes
  • Invitations to showcase your brand in publications or media channels
  • Introductions to members that are interested in the solutions you offer.

Your annual contribution delivers:

  • Your highly visible support of the Australian food and grocery supply industry
  • Introductions to key industry contacts
  • Targeted marketing of your offerings to food and grocery organisations of all sizes.

Other ways to get even more value from your membership are:

  1. Support a cause that protects the future of the food and grocery industry in Australia
  2. Attend an event to expand your network and discuss market insights with members
  3. Sponsor an event to increase brand awareness and showcase your solutions.