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benefits of becoming a member

Joining the Australian Food and Grocery Council helps your organisation to grow and ensure the future of the food and grocery supply industry in Australia. When you become a member, your organisation will receive a number of benefits that are available to all of your employees, including:


  • Invitations to member-only events to expand your network
  • Generous savings and special offers on tickets for public events and education
  • Free member guides and tools to help you increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Vital updates for your business on current issues and topics in member briefs
  • Access to member support services to get your questions answered by our team
  • Exclusive insights from information stored in the online member’s centre
  • Choice of member newsletters with the latest information, relevant to your role
  • Special rates on training courses and in-house options to tailor it to your business
  • Ability to influence priorities and policies in a survey, working group or roundtable.
Full Member

–   Finished Goods and Brand Owners
–   Input suppliers (including ingredients)
–   Distributors/Contract Manufacturers

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Associate Member

–   Consultants
–   Service providers (including packaging)
–   Event sponsors (optional)

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Affiliate Member

–   Industry associations
–   Industry bodies
–   Organisations with a direct interest in the industry

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