Affiliate member

Become an affiliate member

If supporting the food and grocery supply industry is your goal, then an affiliate membership will deliver the services that meet your needs.

–   Industry associations
–   Industry bodies
–   Organisations with a direct interest in the industry


Affiliate members are organisations, associations and industry bodies that are related to the food and grocery supply industry. Being a member will give you extra benefits, such as participation in joint submissions or special rates at certain events.

Receive value

To bring insights from your organisation and work together to strengthen joint submissions, you are invited to become an affiliate member. This will give you the ability to:

  • Take collective action on regulatory changes and industry issues
  • Share insights to better inform key industry stakeholders and decision makers
  • Deliver added value to both member communities.

Your annual contribution delivers:

  • Your highly visible support of the Australian food and grocery supply industry
  • Introductions to key industry contacts
  • Targeted marketing of your offerings to food and grocery organisations of all sizes.

Other ways to get full value from your membership are:

  1. Contribute to work to protect the food and grocery supply industry in Australia
  2. Attend events to expand your network and share market insights
  3. Discuss offerings that deliver mutual benefits to members of both associations.