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Welcome to Sustaining Australia TV, your online destination for insightful coverage of the evolving landscape of food and grocery manufacturing in Australia.


Created by the Australian Food and Grocery Council and ASN Media, SATV is a comprehensive news-style program that dives deep into key issues, emerging trends, and success stories from across the food and grocery industry.


Covering an industry that plays a crucial role in providing everyday essentials to Australians and consumers worldwide, Sustaining Australia TV examines the pressing challenges and opportunities that shape the nation’s food and grocery manufacturing sector.


Our captivating episodes, filmed in diverse locations across Australia, provide engaging stories that highlight the future of manufacturing, circular economy practices, sustainability and decarbonisation efforts, as well as the vital role of rural communities.


Led by experienced journalist and presenter Jessica Ridley, known for her work on TV shows such as Seven’s Sunrise and Nine’s The Morning Show, Sustaining Australia TV features interviews with industry experts, in-depth news reports and compelling profiles of AFGC members and leading organisations.


Join us on this informative journey as we explore Australia’s dynamic world of food and grocery manufacturing. Watch each episode and share in the knowledge that shapes the future of our industry.


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The Future of manufacturing

We look at the technologies and innovations that are driving the industry into the future of manufacturing.

Sustainability - CIRCULAR ECONOMY

We take a look at the latest industry initiatives to create a more circular economy.


This episode looks at the latest in decarbonisation and emissions reduction strategies.


In Episode 4, we explore how our regional industries are adapting and flourishing in a changing market.

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