TPF Supply Chain Data Integrity & Alignment Guide

The complexity of managing data integrity and alignment between trading partners often results in significant inefficiency for both retailers and suppliers across operational and cost considerations. This issue is likely to grow in importance as the supply chain becomes more complex through advanced automated distribution centres and new routes to market in an omni-channel environment.

Shoppers, consumers, and regulators are demanding ever-more transparent product and value chain information in a digital format, underpinned by data in real-time context, at more granular levels than previously considered. The information must be correct and consistent at all times and throughout the many sources of access available to these stakeholders.

The Supply Chain Master Data Integrity and Alignment Guide describes the complexities of managing foundational data points such as shipper and pallet dimensions and weights, and coordinating data management between trading partners. It is particularly useful in the lead up to new product launches or product changes. The Guide provides valuable advice and support information to help FMCG suppliers and their supermarket retailer trading partners achieve greater levels of data accuracy and alignment using easy to understand language and promoting best practice collaboration.

This Guide is the first in a planned modular series of guidance documents to support improved accuracy and alignment for supply chain product master data in the industry.

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