Food & Grocery Australia 2018 Presentations


Tuesday 22 May – Thursday 24 May 2018

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

The Food and Grocery Australia 2018 conference focused exclusively on the fast moving consumer goods and supermarket retail industry within Australia.  Food and Grocery Australia is the event for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. It gives voice to key issues facing our industry, access to exclusive content including the most up-to date local and global trends, and the opportunity to prepare for future challenges and opportunities facing the FMCG sector. The conference also provides attendees with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with others in the industry.

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Speaker presentations that have been made available are provided below.

Claire Peters
Not available

Daniel Lucht

Craig Woolford
Citi Australia & NZ
Not available

Christopher Zinn
The Determined Consumer

Mark McCrindle
Justin Sargent
Nielsen Pacific
Available on request
Kjetil Undhjem
Mondelez International
Paul Bull
Real World Marketing
Peter McNamara
Not available
Vanessa Matthijssen
Monitor Deloitte Australia

Meaningful Brands Report
Laszlo Peter
KPMG Australia
Not available
Nikki Baird
Ben Gilbert

Dr Pallab Chatterjee
Symphony RetailAl
Angeline Achariya
Monash Food Innovation
Sarah Prescott
Peter Meek
Chobani Australia

Bri Williams
People Patterns

John Durkan
Not available