Nutrition and Regulation

The AFGC is committed to improving the access to safe and nutritious food and quality non-food grocery products for all Australian consumers, and many overseas.   Through product innovation, product labelling and promotion the food, beverage and grocery industry helps Australians make informed diet and lifestyle choices, responding to society’s concerns about the health of the population, leading to positive health and wellness outcomes.

The AFGC supports practical, evidence-based initiatives promoting good health and nutrition through assisting consumers to construct healthy diets and lifestyles.

The AFGC supports:

  • Food industry initiatives in partnership with governments and other stakeholders such as product reformulation, and portion control to optimise the nutrition profile of products and population level dietary energy intakes.
  • Healthy eating based on the whole of diet, whole food approach of the Australian Dietary Guidelines coupled with truthful, scientific substantiated health and nutrition claims on products to assist consumer to construct diets able to protect and promote good health.
  • innovative, ongoing communication strategies underpinned by regularly updated dietary guidelines based on the best available evidence and the promotion of physical activity.
  • funding for research, evaluation of interventions and monitoring of the Australians’ nutritional health through regular national surveys, to inform health policy and to guide policy responses and interventions
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