Regional Australia / Engaging Communities

Episode 1 – Regional Australia / Engaging Communities – 2021

The regions and local communities form the backbone of the industry. We take a look at some of the leading initiatives from around the country.

Episode Chapters – Sustainability

1- Welcome

This $127 billion dollar industry affects the lives of every Australian, and in this episode, we look at the important role played by those in regional Australia and rural areas and the importance of engaging with communities.

2- AFGC CEO Tanya Barden Interview

Tanya Barden, the CEO of the AFGC, discusses its importance as she notes one third of our manufacturing is based in regional communities.


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing Australian farmers as they try to meet competing needs of providing food products while protecting the environment.

Soil health is a top priority, and food producer Kellogg Australia has joined others in the industry to support farmers as they look after this valuable long-term asset with the aid of science.

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Regional areas across the country support the continued growth of our food and grocery industry as we increasingly face challenges around environment and sustainability.



The AFGC members are also involved in community engagement.

For the Sanitarium Health Food Company that means giving back to the community and helping reduce food waste and hunger.

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The AFGC plays a crucial role in connecting the food and grocery industry with the local, state, and federal politicians who can provide support for the industry.

We asked them to share their thoughts on the challenges and importance of regional Australia to the industry.


Family-run international brand Ferrero, with a strong rural and local presence in Australia, talks to SATV about creating a counter-seasonal hazelnut supply for the Southern Hemisphere. We also look at the drive for sustainability, including 100% sustainable palm oil, cocoa sourcing, solar power and packaging.

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This episode has been delayed due to Covid and will be up later in the year.

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