Australian Food & Grocery Council

State of the Industry Report

The State of the Industry Report is an annual report commissioned by the AFGC to provide a snapshot of key economic indicators as they relate to the food and grocery sector.

Please note that each report is designed as a ‘snapshot’ of the industry and individual reports should not be compared against one another.

The data in these reports is derived from a number of publicly available resources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Many of these data sources are updated over time as further information or revisions are made available. These changes are generally reflected in the following year’s report.

Further, the financial data recorded in the State of the Industry Reports are expressed in real, rather than nominal, terms. As a result of these factors, the statistics are accurate for the year in which they were reported and care should be taken when interpreting individual reports.


SOI 2018 Report Annex 2018 2018 Trade Update



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