Australian Food & Grocery Council

Crisis Management

A potential threat or crisis is an unpredicted set of circumstances representing an immediate and significant risk to a company, employees, consumers or the community. A quick, efficient and appropriate response is of paramount importance.

The AFGC works closely with government, other public sector interests and key stakeholders to strengthen safety systems and ensure that all products developed by the food, beverage and grocery manufacturing industry meet the highest standards of safety. This includes developing a range of publications to help industry, and consumers, prepare for and respond to potential risks in the food, beverage and grocery space.

For industry
recallbutton Product Recall Form is an industry-agreed template to be used for the recall or withdrawal of products
from leading Australian and New Zealand retailers.


GS1 Recall is an online service, operated by GS1, that helps Australian companies create, communicate
and complete a product recall or withdrawal notice in one action including an audit trail.



Food and Grocery Product Recall Survey Report
Food and beverage manufacturers strive to ensure all products meet the highest possible standards, that consumer health risks are minimised and relevant legislation, government and industry guidelines are adhered to. Product Safety is the number one priority.Australians enjoy one of the safest food supply chains in the world, however food and beverage companies recognise that steps must be taken to make it even safer. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, a well-structured and tested product recall and withdrawal plan is an imperative. All food and beverage businesses must be able to quickly remove products from the marketplace to protect consumer health and safety.

The AFGC, in collaboration with Victual, conducted a survey of member companies to understand the industry level of preparedness and response capability in the event of a product recall, including the processes that have implemented to protect Australian consumers.

Read the survey report.

For consumers
The Pantry List provides a list of ‘pantry’ items which would be useful in an emergency or crisis situation.