Australian Food & Grocery Council

AFGC CHEP Retail Index

This innovative quarterly market indicator for Australia’s retail trade – called the AFGC CHEP Retail Index – uses analysis by Deloitte Analytics and commentary from AFGC.

AFGC represents Australia’s $111 billion food and grocery manufacturing sector, the AFGC CHEP Retail Index offers a new insight into the performance of Australia’s retail market. It uses an accurate forward indicator of retail trade sales published ahead of official Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) historical data.

The economic indicator is based on significant, robust data that includes 10 million data points based on CHEP Australia pallet movements – associated with 10,000 customer accounts – and applying advanced analytics. The methodology also identifies and uses historical relationships between existing retail trade figures and CHEP Australia’s activity metrics.

This methodology has been tested by Deloitte over the past two years, and has shown a significant correlation with the retail trade figure three months ahead. The model has also been retrofitted over the past seven years and has proven to be viable and credible.

The AFGC CHEP Retail Index is published quarterly.

Edition 28 – January 2018 Edition 27 – October 2017 Edition 26- July 2017 Edition 25 – April 2017


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