Sustaining Australia TV

Episode 3 – Manufacturing Innovation

Featuring the latest thinking and examples across manufacturing innovation.

Episode Chapters – Manufacturing Innovation

1. Welcome

Welcome to Sustaining Australia TV! Changing consumer demands are driving an increased need for manufacturers to become more agile and supply a range of new products and services, while trends such as digitalisation are leading to new innovations and excellence across the sector.

2. New Markets

The way we shop for everyday goods and wares has dramatically shifted, with food and grocery being no exception. We talk to Justin Sargent from Nielsen on the latest trends.

3. Maxum Foods

Food standards and safety is one of the most important elements of the food and grocery supply chain; none-more-so than in the dairy sector. We take a look at Maxum’s leading work in this vital sector.

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4. Future Trends

From rapidly changing domestic and international consumer preferences, to increased demand for data-driven business outcomes, there was plenty we covered with industry leaders and Food & Grocery Australia.


With changing consumer trends, comes an increased need for agility, efficiency and scalability. We take a look at how Siemens have worked with Coopers Brewery to maximise their operations, improve consistency and ensure they are always producing a top quality product for consumers.

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6. Goodbye/Credits

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