Sustaining Australia TV

Episode 2 – Traceability & Scalability

Featuring the latest in blockchain technology, scalable automation and industry leaders on key supply chain topics.

Episode Chapters – Sustainability

1. Welcome

Welcome to Sustaining Australia TV! This episode discusses the backbone of the industry; the supply chain. We’ve been across the country looking at the latest thinking and best practice.

2. AFGC’s Dr Geoffrey Annison

Sustaining Australia TV speaks to Dr Annison about food safety and regulation through to the opportunities afforded by digital technology and innovation.

3. GS1

Best known for the humble bar-code, the company is now leading the way in new technologies and practices to identify products more easily across their life-cycle.

Our reporter Dean Allen-Craig has been in Melbourne to see first-hand how this thinking provides greater visibility at every stage of the chain, from paddock to plate.

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4. Retail Futurist Howard Saunders

We talk to Saunders and get his fascinating insights into trends that are set to have a dramatic impact on the food and grocery sector.

5. RMR Process

RMR Process provides small and medium-sized businesses, not only access to funding for ambitious infrastructure projects but also the skills to make the best use of transformative new technologies. Daniela Intili went to find out more.

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6. Goodbye/Credits

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