Sustaining Australia TV

Episode 1 – Sustainability

Featuring the latest thinking across sustainability, societal and environmental challenges.

Episode Chapters – Sustainability


1. Welcome

Welcome to Sustaining Australia TV! This episode looks at how organisations can work together to achieve sustainability goals and looks at an example of success from an AFGC member, as well as the latest thinking from industry leaders.

2. Sustainability

We speak to the AFGC’s Sustainability lead Barry Cosier about the pressing challenges facing the food and grocery sector.

3. Tetra Pak

We take a look at Tetra Pak’s leading work setting benchmarks across sustainable innovation, recycling and digitalisation.

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4. Society

Social responsibility in the food and grocery sector is multifaceted and complex. How do we safeguard growth and prosperity in the industry without compromising societal and environmental outcomes for the general population?

5. Goodbye/Credits

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