Nation’s vital food and grocery manufacturers on show in new season of Sustaining Australia TV

Australian food and grocery manufacturing plays a vital role in the life of every Australian and the depth, diversity and ingenuity of this critically important local industry will be on display in a new season of online series Sustaining Australia TV launching today.

Every day, Australia’s food and grocery manufacturers provide the essential items relied on by people around the nation. With a sophisticated supply chain spanning the country and reaching out around the world, food and grocery manufacturing is the link between our world-class agricultural sector and the supermarket shelves. Sustaining Australia TV, produced by a partnership between the Australian Food and Grocery Council and ASN Media, tells the stories of this vital industry and the more than 273,000 Australians working in it.

Following the success of the inaugural season of Sustaining Australia TV in 2019, the AFGC and ASN Media are once again partnering to produce the longform news program that explores the achievements, the challenges and the future for this $127 billion industry.

Hosted by experienced news presenter Jo Pearson, the series features interviews with industry leaders and key stakeholders, news reports from the industry and sponsored editorial profiles of leading sector organisations. There are four episodes: Sustainability; Innovation and Technology/Future of Food; Regional Australia/Engaging Communities; and Traceability and Provenance.

The series will be launched on Wednesday 21 July in conjunction with the AFGC Symposium.

AFGC CEO Tanya Barden said the new series comes at a time when the importance of the food and grocery manufacturing industry has been demonstrated by its agile responses to the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is a strong, dynamic and critically important industry for Australia as an essential provider keeping supermarket shelves stocked, a major employer and a driver of innovation,” Ms Barden said.

Ms Barden said the series also highlights the importance of the industry in regional areas, exploring the key roles participants have in many regional communities and offering insights into the role food and grocery manufacturers play in the lives of all Australians, whether they are in regional towns or major metropolitan centres.

“We have a third of all food and grocery manufacturing based in regional communities and we have 108,000 jobs based in those areas, so the industry has a really important direct footprint in terms of employment and direct contribution,” Ms Barden said.

ASN Media Director Jonathan Love, said he and the ASN team are delighted to have produced the second season of Sustaining Australia TV in partnership with the AFGC.

“We have seen the importance of the food and grocery industry come to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a crucial industry at the frontlines of sustainability, innovation and traceability initiatives,” Mr Love said.

“We look forward to showcasing the best of the industry, provoking conversations on key issues and helping to promote best practices, learning and collaboration.”

To watch the series please visit the AFGC Sustaining Australia TV page. To learn more about ASN Media please visit the ASN Media website .

About the AFGC

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) is the leading national organisation representing

Australia’s food and grocery manufacturing sector. The membership of AFGC comprises more than 180 companies, subsidiaries and associates. Established in 1995, the AFGC promotes the role the sector plays in sustaining Australia’s economic, community and environmental health, advocates on issues of concern and interest to the sector, and acts as a forum to discuss and pursue those issues. The food and grocery manufacturing sector provides the products enjoyed every day by Australians and consumers worldwide.

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