State of the Industry: Interactive Dashboard

State of the Industry provides economic indicators for the food and grocery manufacturing sector to inform rational and fact-based analysis and policy.

The report highlights where the strengths of the industry lie, identifying the greatest opportunities for growth and reinforcing the ongoing challenge of staying competitive in a country with high costs and low margins. Areas of focus include:

  • Industry turnover
  • Employment
  • International trade
  • Capital investment
  • Business count

The data is derived from a number of publicly available resources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Many of these data sources are updated over time as further information or revisions are made available. These changes are generally reflected in the following year’s State of the Industry.

Use the interactive dashboard below, access it directly via this link or download a printable version here. Please note that this tool is only available via Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari (Internet Explorer is not supported)

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