Industry welcomes National Plastics Summit

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement of a National Plastics Summit in March 2020.

On the back of already positive moves by the Federal Government to address recycling, waste and plastics, this announcement is one that Industry is pleased to hear and welcomes the opportunity to be part of.

The AFGC represents the $122.1 billion food, beverage and grocery manufacturing sector that provides jobs for 273,000 people across the country.  AFGC is currently working with the Federal Government to ensure that the National Waste Policy Action Plan targets are met.

AFGC Acting CEO Dr Geoffrey Annison said that this announcement for a summit by the government is an excellent next step to bring together industry, the waste sector, key stakeholders and the public.

“A holistic response to the plastics and waste issue is required and the AFGC congratulates the Federal Government for their leadership on this issue at a national level,” Dr Annison said.

“While some companies are making significant investments and efforts to reach the National Packaging Targets – meeting government and consumer expectations, this comes at a high cost as packaging with high levels of recycled content is currently scarce, inflating costs.

“As outlined in the AFGC’s 2020-2021 Pre-Budget submission, the AFGC will be taking to the Summit the call for the Federal Government to implement a grants program to support food, beverage and grocery manufacturers as they innovate their packaging to deliver the Government’s sustainable packaging targets.  Meeting these targets requires research and development and considerable capital investment to upgrade manufacturing plant and equipment, while working to protect jobs.

“Industry has to be part of the solution and at the same time ensure that we address food waste, maintain high standards of food safety and support innovation in the sector.”