The Australian Food and Grocery Council’s (AFGC) release of its Common Despatch Checklist Toolkit will provide valuable resource to supply chain professionals to drive greater efficiencies to retailers.

Developed by the AFGC’s Trading Partner Forum (TPF), the Common Despatch Checklist Toolkit provides a suite of simple tools to support suppliers ensure that deliveries to retailers have the best chance of being quickly and easily receipted without issue.

Project Director Mr John Cawley said that the TPF has worked to facilitate alignment across the retailers and simplify the task for suppliers.

“The direction provided by the tools is consistent across Coles, Metcash or Woolworths, and the requirements are no more onerous to suppliers than currently, said Mr Cawley.

“The toolkit contains a poster which serves as a visual aide for checking product prior to despatch; a one page reference guide providing more detail in relation to basic requirements associated with pallet quality, utilisation and wrapping, carton integrity and SSCC labelling; and an operational document which despatch staff can utilise prior to despatching goods to a retailer DC to record any issues identified.”

“This Toolkit is the result of the TPF identifying an opportunity to deliver clarity and a common approach to optimising the supplier to retailer delivery process, with a focus on the physical flow of goods, called The Perfect Delivery Project.”

“This Project will continue to develop ways of improving supply chain efficiencies and will continue to deliver member services by developing toolkits and advice to achieve this objective,” concluded Mr Cawley.

The toolkit is freely available from the TPF website here.


The Trading Partner Forum (TPF) is a forum of the AFGC. It is a joint supplier and retailer body representing the Australasian fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and supermarket retail industry. The mission is to bring together the industry and pursue business practices that contribute to greater supply chain efficiency.

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