Welcome Improvement to NSW Deposit Scheme Rollout






Industry and environment groups have welcomed the change to the start date of the NSW Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) as good policy and congratulated the government on listening to the many requests for more time to rollout a better serviced scheme.

Jeff Angel, Director of the Boomerang Alliance of 45 groups said: “We fought long and hard for a CDS to achieve significant environmental benefits. We understand that it is a very complicated process to get it up and running to ensure there is sufficient infrastructure and all contracts are in place to provide an efficient scheme that will work for all of us.  It’s better to delay by a few months in order to improve public access and consequently acceptability, of the CDS.”

Gary Dawson, CEO of the Australian Food and Grocery Council said: “Industry wants the CDS to work and this extra time gives all potential participants more time to deliver the best possible coordination and network collection systems.  It’s a big change to established market and industry practises and the extra time will help us get it right.”

Ian Kiernan, AO, Chairman of Clean Up Australia said: “The more robust the arrangements and extensive the collection infrastructure, the faster we can clean up the environment.  The Government has a 40% by 2020 litter reduction target and the container deposit scheme will play a major role.  This decision gives community groups, business, councils and recyclers, valuable extra time.”


More information

Boomerang Alliance:   Jeff Angel 0418 273773

AFGC Media Contact: James Mathews 0407 416 002

Clean Up Australia: Terrie-Ann Johnson 0408 269 233