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Product Information Form (PIF) – Version 6

Introducing the AFGC Authorised Food Data System – the home of PIF V6.0 and just the beginning of the tools AFGC are developing to help industry turn data into information.

Look out for this logo which is available exclusively to our approved PIF V6.0 vendors.

PIF V6.0 is the first tool in the AFGC Authorised Food Data System portfolio.


What is the PIF?

The Product Information Form (PIF) is an industry-agreed questionnaire originally developed by the food industry, for the food industry, in Australia and New Zealand.  The PIF is intended to be used by companies to provide a wide variety of information about food products and ingredients in a single document that meets information needs for legal and regulatory compliance.

PIF helps companies obtain information needed to meet the obligations of regulations and industry codes in Australia and New Zealand about foods and food ingredients in a consistent and standardised manner.

PIF is an industry tool that can improve company efficiency and reliability in managing product specification and other related data when applied across the sector.


Introducing PIF V6.0

In the period since the PIF was last reviewed there have been a number of changes in Australian and New Zealand laws and regulations that impact on the content of the PIF. In addition, the Excel platform is no longer capable of delivering the functionality expected by users and the flexibility in data management required.

The PIF has undergone a makeover and PIF V6.0 or ePIF was launched in July 2017.

PIF V6.0 features updated content and has been translated to business-to-business software solutions to replace the current stand-alone Excel spreadsheet. PIF V6.0 has been developed to streamline the process of recording and reporting product information via secure online portals, making it easier and faster to use.

Download the PIF V6.0 brochure here.

PIF V6.0 is no longer a “one size fits all” and will feature options for:

  • Samples
  • Flavours
  • Ingredients, and
  • Retail Ready products.

Each of these variations provide differing levels of detail.

The content covered by PIF V6.0 retains and builds on PIF v5 and includes:

  • Ingredient declaration breakdown
  • Country of Origin to meet the new requirements which come into effect in July 2018
  • Allergen and food safety declarations – including ANZ and International allergens and information to support VITAL®
  • Pre-market clearance – GM and Novel foods
  • Quarantine and biosecurity
  • Nutrition Information
  • Nutrition, health and related claims
  • Front of pack labelling – Health Star Rating Labelling (voluntary) and Daily Intake
  • Certification and Endorsement information and other claims
  • Shelf life
  • Traceability information
  • Measurement marking
  • Potential safety hazards, and
  • Packaging


Benefits of PIF V6.0

PIF V6.0 has been designed to help industry turn data into information by:

  • streamlining the process of recording and reporting product information, making it easier and faster to use. There will be no longer be a need to retype information from Supplier and Customer PIFs into company systems as the information will be able to be exchanged between companies via PIF portals.
  • Providing extensive searchability – information stored in a company’s PIF portal will be searchable, enabling much better use of data than is possible with the current standalone, Excel PIFs.
  • providing for direct exchange of information between companies direct from portal to portal without the need to convert PIFs to pdfs and send them as email attachments.
  • Providing “one true source” of data for companies to assist with regulatory compliance and meeting customer requirements for current, accurate information.


Where can I get PIF V6.0?

PIF V6.0 is currently available online from the PIF Vendor companies who are authorised by the AFGC to deliver PIF V6.0 online.


PIF Vendors

Bizcaps Software
Oakbarrel Software


PIF Tools and Resources

AFGC PIF Workshop December 2018

Introduction to PIF December 2018

PIF V6.0 User Guide

The PIF V6.0 User Guide is a detailed guide on how to complete the data required in the PIF.  Click here to download.

PIF V6.0 – Frequently asked Questions

Click here to download.

PIF V6.0 Regulatory Map

This document sets out each section of PIF V6.0 and the regulatory reference or guidance that it relates to.

Click here to download.

PIF Change Request

PIF Change Request Process
Click here to download Change Request Form

PIF User Guide Feedback

Click here to download.


There are several ways to keep up to date with developments on PIF V6.0:

  • Email questions
  • PIF Email User Group, and
  • PIF V6.0 Newsletter – click here to read the latest newsletter

Please drop an email to the dedicated PIF email inbox if you have questions or would like to subscribe to the AFGC PIF email user group or Newsletter.

What is next?

FIF and PaSS

The AFGC has commenced work on the development of a complementary Facility Information Form (FIF) and a Packaging Specification System (PaSS). Both of these initiatives will run off the same platform as PIF, further streamlining the communication of necessary information and data throughout the supply chain.

Further information and updates will be provided as these projects progress.