Australian Food & Grocery Council

Legal and Regulatory Affairs

The AFGC advocates best regulatory practice standards of minimum effective regulation and rigorous regulatory impact assessment through submissions to regulators and governments on specific legislative and regulatory consultations, enforcement policies and wider economic and regulatory policy inquiries. The Legal and Regulatory Division engages with regulators, officials and agencies through formal and informal mechanisms to develop respectful relationships in furtherance of these outcomes.

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The AFGC’s Legal and Regulatory Division serves AFGC members by –

  • making submissions and participating in consultation processes with domestic and international organisations and government/regulatory bodies in relation to regulatory issues;
  • providing regulatory guidance and assistance to Members in specific cases, as well as active intervention were possible or necessary; and
  • facilitating and informing AFGC member engagement and participation through the Health, Nutrition and Scientific Affairs Committees, the Non-Food Forum, the Legal Forum and the Allergen Forum, as well as associated working groups and member briefing events;
  • delivering training, compliance and best practice tools for the food and grocery sector.



  • Submissions – Submissions on the wide range of legal and regulatory issues facing the food and grocery sector are developed by the AFGC Secretariat in consultation with members.  Members Only.
  • Tools and Guides – A range of tools and guides are available for members and non-members.
    • Product Information Form (PIF) – a standardised universal supplier questionnaire designed to capture standard information about ingredients, such as the presence of allergens, country of origin, performance characteristics, compliance with specifications and shipping information. Further information on the new Product Information Form Version 6.0 can be obtained by email.
    • Compliance and Best Practice Guides – The protection of the health and safety of consumers is a fundamental requirement and a legal obligation of all companies involved in the production and sale of food and grocery products. AFGC members can access guides in areas such as recalls, crisis management, allergen management and cold chain practises.
  • Training – The provision of training services for legal and technical personnel in areas ranging from introductory compliance awareness through to subject specific masterclasses.
  • Communications – Keeping technical staff appraised of current developments through the AFGC’s SciTech News.



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