Australian Food & Grocery Council

AFGC Best Practice Guides

AFGC Best Practice Guides

The AFGC has developed various Best Practice Guides to assist industry in providing consistent and accurate information to consumers. These guides reflect and support existing Commonwealth, state and territory legislation and should be used in conjunction with these. The guides have been designed to complement existing food standards and consumer protection regulation and provide guidance in areas where legislation does not apply or adequately cover.

The Daily Intake Guide Style Guide

The Daily Intake Guide helps consumers make easy, smart choices about the food they need to include in their diet and ultimately helps consumers see the relationship between a serve of food and their daily requirements.

Companies wishing to use DIG should consult the AFGC Best Practice Guide – DIG Style Guide and contact AFGC for template graphic files.

AFGC Best Practice Guide – Daily Intake Guide – Style Guide

Date Marking

The AFGC Best Practice Guide – Date Marking was developed by AFGC, in consultation with food manufacturers and retailers, as an aid to the food industry in deciding whether packaged food should be labelled with best-before or use-by date.

AFGC Best Practice Guide – Date Marking – July 2016