Australian Food & Grocery Council

Advertising to Children

The Australian food industry is aware that the community is concerned about the advertising of discretionary foods to children and have implemented codes of practice to demonstrate industry responsiveness to consumer issues such as these.

There are two self-regulatory initiatives managed by AFGC that specifically address food and beverage advertising to children, namely the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative (RCMI), which covers products found in retail outlets and the Quick Service Restaurant Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children (QSRI), which covers food sold in quick service restaurants.

The initiatives aim to:

  • Reduce advertising and marketing to children for food and drinks that are not healthier choices.
  • Use advertising and marketing to children promote healthy eating and lifestyles to children.
  • Provide parents with a means to raise concerns about advertising to children.

Companies that have signed up to the initiatives commit to:

  • Only advertising healthier choices to children and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through good diet and physical activity.
  • Not paying for or seeking product placement television programs, editorial content or interactive games aimed at children, unless the product is a healthier choice.
  • Not advertising and marketing to children in Australian schools unless they are asked to by those schools.

Download a copy of the RCMI and QSRI here:



Companies that sign up to the RCMI or QSRI publish individual Company Action Plans that outline how they will comply with the initiative’s core principles. Click on the documents below to view their Company Action Plans.

RCMI Signatory Action Plans


QSRI Signatory Action Plans


Complaints Process

The RCMI and QSRI are supported by a public and independent complaints program managed by Ad Standards.

Any member of the community who has a concern regarding a signatory’s advertising can lodge a complaint with Ad Standards by visiting

Compliance and Activity Reports

AFGC manages the RCMI and QSRI in line with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Guidelines for developing effective voluntary industry codes on conduct. This includes regular monitoring of compliance with the initiatives, the effectiveness of the initiatives in achieving their objectives and the commissioning of independent reviews. These reports are featured below:

Initiative Compliance Reports

AFGC prepares an annual compliance report, including a three month compliance audit and complaints adjudicated by Ad Standards.

Please contact the AFGC if you would like previous years’ reports.


Advertising to Children Monitoring Reports

AFGC conducts regular monitoring of the food industry’s advertising to children practices.


RCMI & QSRI Independent Review