Australian Food & Grocery Council

Health, Nutrition and Scientific Affairs

AFGC advocates a positive role for the food, beverage and grocery industry in providing safe products to consumers and helping Australians make informed diet and lifestyle choices, leading to health and wellness. We promote the valuable role industry plays in health and nutrition through a range of partnerships with key stakeholders, programs and engagement in public debate.

AFGC promotes the scientific facts about food and good nutrition. We advocate sound nutrition principles based on a whole-of-diet approach rather than focusing on particular types of food. This includes correcting misinformation about food, nutrition and health.


AFGC provides a broad range of services that assist our members by:

  • making submissions and participating in consultation processes with domestic and international organisations and government/regulatory bodies;
  • providing regulatory guidance and assistance to Members in specific cases, as well as active intervention were possible or necessary; and
  • developing industry guides and toolkits to assist with management of food science and technical issues;
  • administering industry self-regulatory initiatives and best practice guidelines for labelling and promotion of consumer products.



  • Submissions
    Submissions on the wide range of legal and regulatory issues facing the food and grocery sector are developed by the AFGC Secretariat in consultation with members. Members Only
  • Guides
    The AFGC develops and manages a range of user friendly guides for members and non-members.

    • Daily Intake Guide
    • Date Marking
    • Mandatory Reporting Guide
      Provides guidance on when and how mandatory reporting obligations may apply for suppliers of consumer goods and product related services in the food and beverage sector that have been associated with death, serious injury or illness.  Click here to download. The Mandatory Reporting requirements are detailed in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.  Further information is available from the ACCC website.
  • Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children
  • Food Safety
    All parts of the food and agriculture industry are responsible for safeguarding the food supply. Consumers also have an important role in keeping food safe as handling, storing and cooking practices all have a significant impact on food safety. Industry is committed to providing safe products for consumers. Click here for further information.



Dr Geoffrey Annison PhD, Deputy Chief Executive & Director, Health, Nutrition & Scientific Affairs
Leigh Reeve, Director, Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum (ABCMF)
Maree Hall,  Nutrition Communications Advisor, Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum (ABCMF)
Michele Walton, Manager, Nutrition Policy
Kim Tonnet, Regulatory Manager, Scientific & Technical