Sustaining Australia TV

Episode 4 – Building Capacity

Featuring the latest innovations and thinking on how to build capacity and capabilities across the industry.

Episode Chapters – Building Capacity

1. Welcome

Welcome to Sustaining Australia TV! This episode brings you the latest innovations and thought-leadership helping to build capacity across the industry, from how the sector can benefit from greater collaboration through to ensuring the supply and development of top talent.

2. New Markets

Accessing markets both at home and overseas is a key part of keeping our food and grocery sector buoyant, and it’s a subject that is being addressed by our business leaders and also by some of the country’s leading academics.

3. Food Innovation Australia Ltd - FIAL

Getting businesses working closer together for collective common goals is a proven way to drive prosperity for all concerned.

Our reporter Marguerite Kelly has been seeing how FIAL’s clustering programs are driving growth from Tasmania to the Sunshine Coast.

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4. Talent

One of the biggest challenges facing the food and grocery sector is ensuring the continued development and supply of talent to meet new workforce demands. We were at Food and Grocery Australia where the subject was front and mind for the leaders there.

5. The Gap Partnership

As the food and grocery sector becomes ever more competitive, building the capacity of talent is crucial. And it’s not just about the impact on the bottom line of their clients, it is about transforming business performance while delivering value and embedding best practice across all aspects of a business.

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6. Goodbye/Credits

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