Australian Food & Grocery Council

Research and Development

Innovation is at the heart of the industry’s vision for a competitive future and it maintains a huge potential for growth into Asia.

Innovation in both product and production hold the key to:

  • Raising productivity
  • Improving competitiveness in both domestic and export markets
  • Opening up new markets
  • Responding effectively to consumer trends.

Governments must back the innovative capacity of Australian manufacturers through R&D tax incentives and accelerated capital depreciation to maintain and enhance the industry’s competitiveness.

The AFGC strongly supports the creation of a food innovation hub/network outlined by the Manufacturing Taskforce to facilitate enhanced collaboration between researchers and industry; improve industry capabilities especially SME’s; assist with information failures related to supply chains; improve insights (especially Asia) and attract foreign investment.

The Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre has the potential to build on Australia’s comparative advantages in the food processing sector including:

  • Skilled workforce and strength in R&D
  • Well established multinational companies and an agile and innovative SME cohort
  • High quality food safety and hygiene systems
  • Proximity and familiarity with growing Asian markets
  • Proximity to high quality “clean and green produce
  • Advance marketing and design expertise.