Australian Food & Grocery Council

Our Structure

Our organisational structure enables member companies to contribute to overall industry policy and strategy, influence sector-specific issues and access services.

AFGC’s Board of Directors determine policy, establish priorities, formulate strategy and allocate resources on behalf of the Full Council.

AFGC has four Committees:

Committees are managed by the AFGC Secretariat, and have provision for up to 15 committee members.

Our Committees undertake detailed policy and strategy development for the consideration of the Board of Directors and the Full Council.  Sub-committees and working groups are formed to address issues as needed.

AFGC’s structure also allows for member companies within industry sectors to establish sector-specific forums.  Through these forums, members can advance their sector or company interests and have greater leverage in influencing policy.

  • QSR Forum
  • Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers Forum
  • Trading Partner Forum
  • Allergen Forum
  • Non-Food Forum
  • SME Forum

Find out more about any of the above Forums, or contact the AFGC if you are interested in joining.

Detailed information about the structure and governance of the AFGC can be found in our Articles of Association.