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Sustainable design is at the heart of APCO’s work to lead industry towards a circular economy for packaging. The Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPGs), originally published in 2011, have played a fundamental role in driving sustainable design practices across the industry.

The SPGs are currently under review to ensure they effectively assist APCO Members to review and optimise their packaging. With the recent announcement of the National Packaging Targets, the review of the SPGs is an opportunity to ensure that APCO delivers detailed and targeted resources to support you in our common journey towards the targets.

APCO facilitated a workshop on 29th August 2018 in Sydney to collect our Members’ views on the sustainable packaging principles and inform the development of the new draft SPGs. APCO is now opening the draft SPGs for consultation to ensure the new proposed format and attached resources meet your needs and expectations. Your input into this process will be fundamental to ensure we deliver resources that are adapted to your business and help you achieve your packaging sustainability objectives.

To provide your views, you can either complete the APCO Sustainable Packaging Guidelines Survey, participate in one of the APCO Sustainable Packaging Guidelines Consultation workshops, or email a free-form submission to

We will refine the concepts presented in the documents as we integrate your feedback throughout the consultation process.

Click here to see the Draft SPGs and implementation guide.
Click here to see the Summary of 2018 changes and inclusions.
Click here to see the Quickstart guides.
Click here to see the SPG Checklist.

Complete the short survey

The Sustainable Packaging Guidelines Survey will ask your perspective on the draft resources and how they assist you to drive better packaging design within your own business. Please answer questions according to the point of view of your organisation. Comments boxes can be found throughout the survey for any additional feedback you would like to provide. It takes approximately 8 minutes to answer and should be completed by COB Friday, 14th December.

Click here to provide your feedback on the SPGs now.

Attend a consultation workshop

The APCO team will be available for consultation workshops throughout the country to work through your feedback on the draft SPGs. Small group workshops will be held on:

Thursday, 29th November – Sydney
Monday, 3rd December – Melbourne
Thursday, 6th December – Brisbane

Please ensure you have read thoroughly all the draft resources before the workshop.

Click here to register for one of the consultation workshops – spaces are limited.

All Members are encouraged to participate in this consultation process as we further refine the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines. Your feedback is highly valuable to APCO in assisting us to develop a robust approach to this important work.

If you have any questions about the discussion paper or survey, please contact Suzanne.  For enquiries regarding the Q&A sessions, please contact Rachelle.