Product Information Form

The Product Information Form (PIF) is an industry-agreed questionnaire intended to be used by companies to provide a wide variety of information about food products and ingredients in single document that meets the information needs for legal and regulatory compliance.  

Why is PIF good for my business?
Download the two page pamphlet that addresses the key issue of “why is PIF good for my business?”

Latest Version ZIP File

The latest version of the PIF is contained in a ZIP file, which contains:

  • PIF 5.0 2011.xls - a blank template of the latest PIF 5.0 excel file for 09 May 2012
  • PrintOnly PIF 5.0 2011.xls – a blank template to complete the form manually
  • PIFconvert.xls – a tool to extract data from PIF forms into the latest blank template.
  • Data Conversion Maps Folder, containing four data maps for older versions of the PIF.

Information on how to use these different components is provided in the PIF User Guide.

PIF 5.0 User Guide

The PIF 5.0 User Guide is a detailed guide on how to use the PIF excel form and how it works.  The guide describes how to use the PIF convert tool to extract data out of older versions of the PIF into the latest version, saving time and effort in updating the forms.

The PIF User Guide is likely to be updated and expanded over time where there is a need for further information or where user feedback shows there is uncertainty about the intent of particular questions.  The latest edition was released on 09 May 2012.

To ensure that you have access to the latest information about PIF and the User Guide, the AFGC has established a PIF email list provided absolutely FREE of charge.


To be included on the PIF e-list, please contact AFGC: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it