Australian Food & Grocery Council

Code of practice for food labelling and promotion

The Code of Practice for Food Labelling and Promotion (the Code) has been developed as a mechanism for the food industry to aid consumers in their decision making through the provision of consistent and accurate information about food products.

The Code covers:

  1. Daily Intake Guide (DIG) labelling scheme
  2. Date marking
  3. Allergen labelling

Other components may be added over time.

Code of Practice for Food Labelling and Promotion January 2011 (pdf - 1 MB)


The Code is suitable for all food suppliers in Australia, including manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, packers and retailers. AFGC encourages all member and non-member companies to consider complying with the Code’s provisions. Companies can formally commit to the Code by becoming signatories. Current signatories to the Code are:

  • Bulla Dairy Foods
  • Capilano Honey
  • Laucke Flour Mills
  • Queen Fine Foods
  • Go Natural Australia
  • George Weston Foods
  • Mars Chocolate Australia
  • Mondelez
  • Nestle Australia
  • The Smiths Snackfood Co. (PepsiCo Australia)
  • Sugar Australia
  • Unilever Australia

For further information on the Code of Practice, please contact the AFGC.