Multi-million dollar industry partnership for comprehensive recycling and litter reduction in the Territory
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 11:22
The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) today launched the NT Bin Network, a $5 million, five year industry investment solution for the Northern Territory to boost recycling rates and reduce litter. The NT Bin Network will increase recycling and reduce litter arising from all packaging without costing Territory families, unlike the failed ‘Cash for Containers’ scheme which only focused on beverage containers.

The industry funded scheme is a comprehensive recycling solution that involves significant investment in the Territory by:

  • Installing recycling infrastructure for both glass and plastic packaging;
  • Installing ‘away from home’ recycling bins in commercial venues (including shopping centres, entertainment venues, sporting clubs, etc);
  • Establishing ‘drop off’ recycling facilities for all packaging and newsprint in Katherine and Alice Springs; and
  • Funding local community groups to clean up all litter, not just beverage containers, to keep their communities clean into the future.

AFGC Chief Executive Mr Gary Dawson said a key partnership between industry and the Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT (KABC NT) would enable the successful rollout of the NT Bin Network through KABC NT’s extensive local networks, in particular those within remote indigenous communities.

“For the past eight months, industry has been working with KABC NT on a pilot litter reduction program in the East Arnhem Shire, which has successfully delivered a range of litter reduction initiatives to remote indigenous communities and schools within the Shire,” said Mr Dawson.

“The NT Bin Network leverages industry funding and builds on existing and convenient kerbside recycling systems in Darwin and Palmerston by making it just as easy for Territorians to recycle away from home as it is as home.”

“For residents in Katherine and Alice Springs, it is about providing durable recycling crates to households so they too can recycle the full range of packaging and newsprint, just like their Darwin counterparts. The solution also involves the establishment of recycling drop off facilities in those townships to make recycling convenient to households and to enable businesses to drop off cardboard, metals and other recyclable materials,” said Mr Dawson

KABC NT Chair Mr Gary Swanson said that by working closely with communities the partnership had already delivered significant benefits to the East Arnhem Shire.

“So successful has the program been that KABC NT has received expressions of interest from other NT Shires to participate in the program”, said Mr Swanson.

Mr Dawson reiterated that industry takes its product stewardship responsibilities seriously and want to assist households, businesses and the broader community to recycle more packaging and see less litter on roadsides and waterways.

“The NT Bin Network is founded on practical solutions for the Territory, address all packaging and all litter, not just beverage containers, will come at no cost to Territorians and is backed by industry dollars,” said Mr Dawson.

“Our partnership with the experts on litter, KABC NT will also be expanded to other Territory shires. We urge the NT Government to support the NT Bin Network so we can start delivering real outcomes for all Territorians at no cost to consumers,” concluded Mr Dawson.


More information: James Mathews - 0407 416 002.