Everyone’s a winner in salt reduction success
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 10:20

Australian consumers continue to benefit from the food and grocery manufacturing industry’s long and successful track-record of reducing salt in diets, the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) said today.

As part of Salt Awareness Week (March 26- April 1), AFGC highlighted that industry has been at the forefront of salt reduction in processed foods for decades, demonstrating a long-standing commitment to progressing salt reduction targets.

AFGC Acting Chief Executive Dr Geoffrey Annison said the latest “triple win” comes as salt in Australian-manufactured savoury pie products will be reduced under the industry, retailer and Government partnership called the Food and Health Dialogue.

Savoury pie manufacturers have agreed to reduce the sodium content of wet pies with more than 400mg/100g of sodium and dry pies with more than 500mg/100g of sodium by 10 per cent over two years.  The timeframe will be two years, from March 2012 to March 2014.

Dr Annison said the target was another significant step forward for industry in reducing sodium intakes in processed foods, which provides a win for consumers, government and industry.

“It’s a win for consumers with lower-salt products, a win for Government on preventative health and a win for industry to differentiate products on a health basis,” Dr Annison said.

“While salt is an important part of diets, eating too much can be harmful.  That’s why industry has been proactively involved in salt reduction strategies for decades and will continue to show leadership in this important public health area.

“Australia’s leading food and grocery manufacturing companies are fully committed to progressing salt reduction targets as well as reducing saturated fats from diets.

Under the Dialogue, targets have been set for reducing salt and saturated fat in bread, breakfast cereal, simmer sauces and processed meats.

In regards to the savoury pie salt reduction, leading Manufacturers Homestyle Bake, Mrs Macs, Patties Pies, Peerless Foods and Vili’s along with major retailers Woolworths, Coles and ALDI  are working collaboratively with the Federal Government and public health groups to provide healthier choices for consumers.

The next categories to be assessed by the Dialogue include potato and corn chips, savoury crackers, noodles and condiments.


More information: Brad Watts AFGC Director Media and Corporate Affairs 0437 379 818.